8 Essentials For The Perfect Home Office

You wake up in the morning feeling inspired to work from home. You make a cup of coffee and have some breakfast and walk to your desk. You sit down and get distracted by the mess and all the things you decide you want to change about your office or all the cleaning that needs to be done first. You feel lonely and miss someone to talk to so you decide to check up on your friends on Facebook. Before you know it hours have passed and no work has been done and you give up. This is when you decide that working from home is not for you! Know this feeling?

If you want to have a perfect home office to improve your current work situation, I highly advise you to establish a space in which you can do your work and where you feel inspired to get sh*t done!

Here are 8 essentials that I believe would improve your home office dramatically.

1. Create a dedicated work space

Not everyone has the space in their home, but only having a chair and a dinner table to work on is not actually a work space. Ideally, you’d like a closed-off room in your home, with a desk where you can focus on work and work only. There shouldn’t be many distractions here and you should be able to close the door in case you live with other people. This will make you more productive because it will help you feel like you are going to work. When you finish your work day this will also help you disconnect from work when you leave the room.

2. The right chair / desk

Never underestimate the power of a good chair. You invest in amazing couches to relax with a movie, so take the time to invest in a good chair that will help you work in a comfortable and healthy way. This will prevent postural problems, like back pain, later on.

I personally prefer a desk which I can adjust so I can change between standing and sitting. Can you imagine sitting down for hours on end?

3. A second monitor

I remembered the first time I went to see an accountant and I noticed the three monitors she had on her desk and wondered why on earth you needed more than one monitor? A few years later and I wouldn’t know what to do without my second monitor! The extra monitor will allow you to multitask and keep multiple windows open so you can reply to emails while reading some information on the other screen.

Once you start with the extra monitor, you won’t go back!

4. Bluetooth headphone

There is more to the Bluetooth technology these days than being that weird person whom everyone else in the room thinks is talking to himself.

The biggest benefit of Bluetooth headphones is the ability to call hands-free, no cord that you get caught on and no more earbuds that are being ripped from your ears when you walk away from your desk.

They don’t have to be expensive, but the more you pay, the better the quality of sound.

5. Accessorise and Personalise

One of the greatest things of a home office is that you can decide how you want your perfect office to look and feel. Don’t sacrifice on style as this will be an important part of how you feel when you get to work. Create a space that inspires you and that will brighten up your day.

6. Plants, art & scents

If you want to create an office that stimulates you, consider some indoor houseplants and art for on your walls, and even using incense or essential oils to diffuse scents in your workplace.

Plants, arts and scents can help you reduce stress and think more creatively.


7. Natural light

Did you know that the quality of lighting in your workspace can help increase productivity?  Poor lighting can reduce your energy, produce eyestrain and headaches, and ultimately will affect your ability to work effectively. There are multiple ways to increase natural light in your home. If you don’t have a lot of natural light coming into your office, then you should consider adding artificial lights to the space.

If you are close to a window, make sure you open the window for a breath of fresh air!

8. Coffee!

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages and I understand why! Not feeling like working? Have a good cup of coffee and off you go! Besides the amazing caffeine effect is also seems to be quite healthy thanks to its high level of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. So invest in that amazing coffee machine or go for a quick walk in the morning to your local café to start the day right.


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